TIGERFUND Stake Platform

Earn tokens by staking them and help us build a solid base.


  1. Use your wallet to connect with the contract.
  2. For ANDROID users, the connection is more easily established via the browser of Metamask or Trust wallet itself. IOS users are only capable of establising a connection by Metamask browser.
  3. Select create stake and fill in the amount you would like to stake.
  4. Confirm the stake amount by selecting create stake in the pop up.
  5. Approve the transaction with your Metamask or Trust wallet.
  6. To confirm the stake you will need to select create stake once again.
  7. Confirm the transaction with your wallet.


  • 0.5% interest per day
  • minimum 10000000 TGF tokens
  • minimum 29 days locked
  • 20% fine if you want to release the tokens earlier


Binance Smart Chain
Smart Contract


APY 0%
Penalization 20%
Maturity 29 days
Minimum TGF 10000000


Stake amounts (TGF)