How do I know this is not a rugpull?

We are locking the liquidity wallet. We are 100 % transparent about the pre sale, launch, donation, marketing etc. We as DEVs know this world, and also experienced a lot of project who just rugpull you. We assure you that there will be no reason to doubt about the TIGERFUND coin.

Donation will come at correct place?

We don’t want to hurry things like other projects do, we will show proof of every transaction from the fund wallet with videos, photo’s etc. You will see that we are in direct contact with the donation project.

Where can I buy the token?

You can buy TIGERFUND token on https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap . For more info check “How to buy?”

What marketing you use?

We going to use a lot of social media to become more popular and show the world what
TIGERFUND can do. We will use Twitter Telegram Facebook Reddit and so much more to

show the world our not to miss token. Already mentioned, contact with a super innovative
company, and therefore the marketing has already reached a lot of big of investors.