How to buy

We are excited that you want to join the TIGERFUND family by investing in TIGERFUND tokens. We know people make mistakes with buying tokens, that’s why we put this page together to help you each step of the way.

  1. Download Trust Wallet
  2. Buy BNB on Binance
  3. Go to your TRUST wallet, first click receive then Smart Chain. Copy this adress.
  4. Now go to the BNB on your Binance wallet and withdrawal this BNB to the TRUST adress u copied.
  5. Enter Pancakeswap via Dapps. Exchange BNB for TIGERFUND tokens to fill in the contract adress :

Still having problems?
Don’t hesitate and contact us here, or you can send a message to the MODs in the telegram community. They are always happy to help you out. Our MODS never PM you first, so be aware of the scammers which you have in any community, but we will have an automatic message on telegram that warns you for people who want to rip you off. Once again, for any questions always ask the mods in the group.

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