Our top priority is creating an ecosystem around TIGERFUND token with funding big projects that stands for rescuing the tigers. TIGERFUND is an independent project that will help with the fundraising wallet and will create special privileges for holders of the TIGERFUND tokens. TIGERFUND is a new coin in the cryptoworld with an unique goal unlike other coins of digital currencies.

The TIGERFUND tokens will not only help to raise funds but also bring awareness in the world about tigers. The growth of this coin will result in increasing the help for tigers that live in poor conditions.

Before we start talking about tokenomics or marketingplans, we asked ourselves about what we represent. When we initially approached this idea, we knew we wanted to work towards protecting tigers, and ofcourse we want to mean something for the holders. We want to encourage long term holders, who can watch the project grow along with token balances. After deliberating a method of how we could seek to accomplish this, we need to know how to reward the community. We recommend you invest in a token after an official announcement from our team through our website, social media, telegram, twitter etc.

Security And Trust

The team will be 100 % transparent to the community. We will tell you exactly what is happening, and show prove due video s photo s etc. However the market is full of scams and fake cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we always recommend our users for save buying to conserve their investments.

If you have ever any doubts about investing in TIGERFUND, or any questions, you can always let us know. Our community is there to help you. After the release of the token we shall lock liquidity for safety. We only
recommend you invest in a token after an official announcement from our team through our website, social media, telegram, twitter etc.


The roadmap is an essential factor for every project. The development and proper following of the roadmap ensure the success of a project. The roadmap of TIGERFUND is simple towards the achieving the goal. For now this will be the strategy:

  • Research code and launch options
  • Finalize code and test contract
  • Start social media campaign and finalize website
  • Start private sale for stable fundament
  • Research marketing options
  • Target to reach 5000 followers
  • Launch pancakeswap
  • Start big marketing




1000 000 000 000 000 , 1 Quadrillion

Fair launch!!


12% Tax beeing split into following features:

4% Buy back feature on every transaction (from which 50% gets burnedπŸ”₯, 50% to liquidityπŸ”)

  • βœ… Buyback means that after each Sell a second buy transaction will automatically be set.
  • ❌ No more red selling streaks!

πŸ’° 3% Redistribution to holders

πŸ“ˆ 3% Goes to marketing & Team

πŸ―β›° 2% Charity

TIGERFUND also offers an anti🚫 whale🐳 -protection feature. Only 0.1% of max. supply can be sold/send/bought at once if the owner has more then 0.5% of the max. supply!

Lets go TIGERFUND family🐯🐯❀️❀️