Combining Business With Tiger Conservation

Tigers are endangered animals, threatened with extinction. Many NGOs and governments do their best to create better conditions. But not everything they do is successful. This Project is an independent and unique approach that will help the conservation of tigers in the wild. It will also ensure better conditions for tigers in captivity.


Building An Ecosystem arround The project.

Besides the obvious participation in providing better conditions for tigers, investors will also invest in activities that will inspire 2,000 South African kids in need, who now live in townships.  

Also, in fighting global climate change, by planting at least 200,000 trees and preventing deforestation in tiger countries.

Investments will also be made to grow the economic conditions of the region and to help local communities to thrive.

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Five Pillars

Tiger knowledgde institute

Tiger educational center

SDG based

Tiger conservation project

Tiger inspiration and development center

With Love on Our Project

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Trevor D. William

Founder Project

The Project Team (announce soon)

Jane Wilson​

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Laura Kyle

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