What is TIGER Mountain going to do?

TIGER Mountain

TIGER Mountain is a different approach to increase the conditions of tigers in the wild and in captivity. It leaves the current, often inefficient ways of tiger conservation behind because TIGER Mountain uses a modern, innovative approach to get things done.

First: what’s the situation of tigers?

Tigers are endangered animals, threatened with extinction. At the moment less than 5,000 tigers live in the wild. They are in peril because governments build new roads or railroads through tiger habitat, because there are just too many people living in the same areas as tigers do. Also tigers can’t go anywhere. The result: a large increase in human-tiger conflicts, more retaliations (killings) and less prey, so tigers literally starve to death.

Tigers in captivity are not doing any better. Because we live in the age of internet tigers have become more popular than ever, but now across the globe instead of only Asia. A lot of people, like in Thailand, Russia, the USA and the Arab Emirates, see tigers nowadays as pets and perfect ways to get attention. Also we see more and more influencers using tigers to get followers. But also the conditions in zoos are getting worse as the number of people getting to zoos is decreasing. Less people means less income, which means less care. The total number of tigers in captivity is between 30,000 and 40,000. A quarter of them has been bred in Chinese, Vietnamese or Laotian tiger farms. Their future is even worse, as insiders know that these tigers end up as ingredients for TCM, traditional Chinese medicines

What is TIGER Mountain going to do?

The most important thing to do is to become the tiger authority in the world. Part of the plan is to become an organisation that knows everything about tigers. This knowledge will be used to engage with companies, media, scientific institutions, journalists, tiger NGOs, governments and people around the world.

Besides this TIGER Mountain will walk the talk. Within 5 years a total number of 250 tigers, one each week, will be rescued from poor captive conditions. Think about bad zoos, circuses or from people that just treat them poorly. These tigers can live the rest of their lives on TIGER Mountain, as close to the wild as is possible with fantastic care. These 250 rescues will also add to our position as tiger authority.

To engage with companies and people an inspirational and development center will be created. This will be a major pillar of TIGER Mountain. This center will offer high end conditions and programs for business leaders.

Also TIGER Mountain will become an online supplier of everything tiger-related. Think about online apps with tiger news, feeds from TIGER Mountain, online tiger courses, tiger materials for school children and teachers, webinars and more. Later also TIGER products will be added.

Of course TIGER Mountain will be completely SDG-based, which also means carbon-negative (absorbing more carbon than emitting, also by planting more than 200,000 trees), zero-waste, and self-supporting in energy. There will be an active engagement of local communities, so the local economy will benefit. Materials needed to host guests will come as close from TIGER Mountain as possible to minimize the impact on planet Earth. On top of it all, each year some 2,000 unfortunate children will be invited to visit TIGER Mountain to learn about tigers and nature conservation. For this we will work together with local, regional and national NGOs.

How is this going to help tigers in the wild?

This all seems far-fetched for helping tigers in the wild, but it is not. The results of TIGER Mountain are profitable in many ways. One is that a strong engagement with companies around the world will lead to new and substantial contributions to tiger conservation. Also all activities of TIGER Mountain will add to more awareness with people around the world. But next to this TIGER Mountain will also be commercially active.

Besides the programs for business leaders there will also be other ways to create substantial incomes, like the app, online sales and programs with media.

These incomes will eventually lead to investments of more than 100 million US dollars per year in tiger conservation. With the money TIGER Mountain will fund essential elements for tiger conservation. One of the core elements will be to buy and protect vital tiger habitats, and create corridors so tigers can move more freely. Also we will invest in independent journalism, so we can inform the public more about related corruption, poaching, tiger farming and tiger-influencing government activities. Last but not least, investments will be made in the education and involvement of local, indigenous people with tigers and helping them to become tiger advocates.